Thank you for choosing Media Player Gold!

Media Player Gold has the ability to play files from DVDs / CDs. However please pay attention to the existence of limitations to Windows 8.1 / 10 OS versions which block playback of password protected (license) discs. You can find this information in the App's description in the Windows Store. 


We suggest you a simple way to check your DVD to know whether it can be played via the app. Please do the following steps that will help you to know in advance the result of playback:

Put your DVD to the disk drive and open folder from it. Then select a file in .vob ~1 GB of size and temporary copy this file to your computer local folder. If you will see an error - it means the app won't be able to play this DVD. 

Please see this test in images attached to this article (these images show negative result of test).

If you dont get an error after this test, it means there should be no problems with playback of your DVD!

In case when you do not receive the error, but files from your DVD still can not be played via the application, please contact us with the next information:

1. Application Name

2. Your device model and OS

3. The details of what happens when you try to play files from your DVD

4. Example of a file from DVD, which does not play (for check)

Kind Regards,

Digital Cloud Technologies

Customer Support